Monday, September 27, 2010

Why Knot? Massage Therapy.

Hello!  I am Beth McVay, Nationally Certified Massage Therapist and member of the American Massage Therapy Association.  After receiving my undergraduate degree from Shepherd University, I embarked on my future career as a massage therapist through the study of non-verbal communication.  I came to Boulder to attend the Boulder College of Massage Therapy, graduating in 2005.  Since then, I have spent the last 5 years dedicating my practice to helping my clients achieve their wellness goals.  We achieve these goals in a variety of ways.

Techniques like: Myo-fascial Release, Resisted Stretching and Trigger Point Therapy are just a few of the tools "in my tool box," that I use to improve upon faulty postures, decreased range of motion, chronic pain amd many other less than optimal situations. One of the best "tools" I use is some simple education through communication.  Education creates awareness and awareness creates change.  I like using analogies to explain what might be happening within the muscle tissue and what we are doing to remedy the situation at hand.  Analogies allow us to visualize the work being done.  For example, a client might ask, "What is fascia?"  I explain that fascia is connective tissue that runs throughout the body, encasing muscles, also giving us form and shape.  So, believe it or not, if (god forbid) we didn't have skin, we would still maintain our form because of fascia.  Now, the analogy I like to use to explain Myo-Fascial Release (MFR) is to think of the balled up cotton that can be used to decorate at Halloween time.  When the cotton is in the bag, it is dense and opaque.  Once that cotton is taken out of the bag and spread out in the window (to create ever-so-scary spider webs: ) it becomes thin and transleucent.  Fascia has this same capacity.  When we are able to open up fascia, we are able to do some incredible, deep and restorative body work.  Whether your session is more "treatment" oriented or "relaxation" oriented, I believe that body work, through the power of touch and education, can help you live a healthier life.

I feel very lucky to live among such an educated and athletic population.  Many “Boulderites,” already use massage as a proactive wellness tool to enhance their physical, emotional, and spiritual health.  Our body language and posture speak volumes as to what is going on in our lives!  It also provides insight into physical and emotional challenges of the past.  Emotional stress and physical pain can LITERALLY be seen in the way we hold ourselves.  Massage Therapy can help provide the muscular nourishment you need to feel your best!

My job as your therapist, is to support your physical and emotional wellness.  I will listen to your needs and together we will work toward achieving your goals.  Thank you!

Beth McVay, CMT
Member AMTA

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