Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Update post YU+ME=Clean

Hi there,

I thought a follow up entry up was in order!  I have continued to stay on [my] track, eating clean since my 10 day challenge! Now, "staying on track" for everyone.  I don't have the exact same needs as you and vice versa.  I have found that once I start listening to my body,  I can give it what it asks for...sometimes that's a ton of hydrating veggies and fruits, sometimes it tells me to stop eating because I'm full, sometimes its a steak, sometimes it puts the smack down when I eat too much sugar, etc...  I know some jaws just dropped at the meat mention, but its true, for me...sometimes.  We are all different and process food in different ways.

After the challenge, I spent a long weekend,  in my home state of West Virginia.  The leaves were just starting to turn, the rolling hills were crisp with early autumn air, and the Potomac river sang her low water song....It is such a magical place.  I visited with old friends, with whom I shared conversation and food...Ahhh, there is nothing like sharing food with loved ones...
One of my dear friends gifted me with a juicer!  Can you believe that?  I hadn't even gotten around to "putting it out the universe" that I really wanted one...and BOOM, a juicer, I was given.  Wow, nifty.

I had quite a few of my friends in Boulder following my food journey.  A couple of folks are now asking me to support them as they try to change some old habits.  THIS is what it is all about!  I have felt  a wonderful sense of support and I fully appreciate it.  There were also various comments left on in regards to recipes that I followed. Thank you Thank you!  I feel a real sense of community when I communicate with other people that not only care about the food they consume, but also have love for creating these foods!  As dorky as it sounds, I think there is a lot of love that goes into these nourishing foods that we prepare, to bring us health and wellness.

Thank you once again.  Please, continue to follow me on twitter!/Why_KnotMassage.

I have a variety of discount programs available to you on my massage practice blog:

Thank you YU for all the yummy recipes that got my creative juices flowing!

Thank you for reading!!

Beth McVay, CMT
American Massage Therapy Association member

Thursday, October 14, 2010

YU+ME=Clean, Day 10!!!

Hello there!
*disclaimer- this is being written on my iPhone-I will do my best to spell check but...*

Well, I did it! I was a vegan for 10 days! Outside of the half and half (for coffee) that I use on a regular bases, I really don't consume very much dairy, so I didn't need to make any drastic changes to my diet-which is a good thing! Trying to change too much too quick never bodes that well for long term change.
One thing that it DID do for me was allow to challenge myself to make some new recipes. I was getting lazy in the kitchen and needed a jump start!
If you read any of the last blog enteries, it's not hard to see that I became a fan of amaranth! I was popping the heck out of those itty bitty grains! However, I think I overdid the whole grain thing...I am finally realizing that my system does not support too many whole grains or nuts! Boo! Even when I soak nuts I feel really heavy and don't seem to process them in a timely fashion (if u get my drift). I will admit that I am a super snacker and think that if I was to be very careful with my portions that I might do better, But...maybe that's another blog:)

Okay, on with the break down:

Food Log
Popped Amaranth Crunch (made into cereal w/ Rice Milk)
1 Banana
Chopped Spinach Salad with oodles of raw veggies
Coconut Milk/Banana Smoothie
Pop Chips
Fresh squeezed OJ/Lime juice: )

1 hour road ride



Thanks for following along.  I feel like I accomplished the goals that I set for myself.  My energy level is WAY better than it was.  I have definitely slept better and explored a few new recipes (although not quite as many as I wanted to).  My intentions to keep the sugar levels on the down low and keep my energy level on the up and up are still strong!  Keep checking in on for new recipe more challenges!!!

Thanks again!

Beth McVay, CMT
American Massage Therapy Association memeber

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

YU+ME=Clean, DAY 8-9, turn around Bright eyes: )

If you read the first blog for YU+ME=Clean you read that I made some very clear goals:

My ultimate goals for the effects of my challenge

1) Increase my energy
2) Look and feel brighter
3) Lose the annoying headache

I have definitely felt like I have been achieving each and every one of these with each and every passing day.  Now, yesterday I got a little low glycemic index icing on the proverbial vegan cake; - }  I was out to lunch with "the new guy" and he commented on how bright my eyes looked.  Well, now - How d'ya like that!?  Not only do I feel brighter but I look brighter.  Made my flippin' day!

I really think that a lot of my success so far has been reducing my sugar intake. I have no doubt that the non-dairy/meat factor is helping too, but I think the sugar thing is what weights me down the most.  Plus, I think the reduction in sugar affects the system the fastest - meaning I was able to feel the effects within a couple days.  After the "official" challenge is over I am going to keep up with the whole vegan thing for a while because I think 10 days provides a glimpse of change, but I believe a longer commitment will be necessary for real change (duh.).    Oh, oh.... there is another revelation that I would like to share.  I am going to quit coffee for a time period.  I don't fully understand the effects of effects of consuming acidic foods but the overall notion is that disease breeds  in acidic environments.  I know coffee is highly acidic and I consume it daily (albeit decaf).  I'm going to try the Macafe that Yumuniverse's founder Heather Crosby suggested.

Alright, curious what I ate yesterday? Today?

Food Log DAY 8
1 Banana
Vegan Protein Pumpkin Pancakes/VPPP (i'm in love, what can I say)
Apple Quinoa Cereal
Aloo Gobi
 *I ate the VPPPs all day long as a snack*
Raw veggies/ Bell peppers & cucumbers

Activity DAY 8
Nice ride up Lee Hill with a lap on the Dakota ridge trail 

Energy DAY 8
8, energy level has been sweet : )

Sleep DAY 8
8-, I woke up once the night before for about 10 minutes, but I went to sleep easily and woke up rested: )

Food LOG DAY 9
Smoothie inspired by’s-chocolate-covered-cherry-superfood-smoothie/ 
Vegan salted chocolate bark

*the day is not over, but I wanted to go ahead and report for the day!

I'm still hoping to get a ride in...



Can you tell how much I like the YU website?  Check it out!

Beth McVay, CMT
American Massage Therapy Association member

YU+ME=Clean, DAY 8

Hello!  Sorry about missing yesterday's post, but I will make up for yesterday and follow through with today, TODAY!  Life got a little busy!

A little tidbit...I have been noshing on VPPP's...oh. so. good.  PLus, I have Vegan Chocolate Bark underway as you read: )  Mmmmmm.

More later,
Beth McVay, CMT
American Massage Therapy Association memeber

Sunday, October 10, 2010

YU+ME=Clean, DAY 7

October 10.  Its been drizzly and chilly all day.  The bike ride got axed this morning in favor of breakfast and shopping: )  I mean, that's what you do when a girlfriend is visiting, right!?!

Today was a little bit challenging for me.  First of all, I caved at the coffee shop and used dairy.  I resisted at first, using soy milk, which I knew was going to ruin my delicious cup of coffee, but thought if I pretended that it wouldn't, that IT wouldn't.  So much for that theory.  I then reached for the 1/2 and 1/2 only to pour some thin white watery substance (called skim milk) into my already struggling coffee.  Uggg.  Lesson learned - just forego the damn coffee if I didn't prepare!  

On a side note, I really don't like soy all that much.  I only buy soy milk it at the store (for my cereal) when its on such a good sale that I just can't resist.  Its not bad when paired with cereal.  I like tofu alright, but can never duplicate how I like it when I make it at home.  ALSO, and most importantly, I worry about the raised estrogen levels that soy is associated with which links it to breast cancer... if anyone has any articles they want to share on this matter, please...I believe "everything in moderation" holds true here, as in everything else...

So, later in the day I went to one of my favorite little eateries called Zoe Ma Ma for a noodle bowl.  I knew they had a several gluten free options and thought they had vegan options as well. Wrong.  I enjoyed vegan pot stickers but my rice noodle bowl was lacking in flavor.  I would like to mention that that I have had on their menu has always been DELISH, but everything I have had on their menu has also had meat in it.  I just think they need to work on their vegan/vegetarian options.
I also found challenges at the grocery store...I was craving my beloved chocolate covered ANYTHING from the bulk food section!  I resisted...mostly...I didn't have anything chocolate covered because I didn't want the dairy but I did "sample" a couple maple covered mixed nuts.  Oh man, those things are divine.  Of course, that's no need to feel bad but it is noteworthy that I can feel the blood sugar spike in my blood after keeping it  lower in the last week.  

The Grocery wasn't all challenges though.  I snagged some dark chocolate Coconut Bliss to make Dairy-Free Mexican Un-fried Ice cream! Yum!  Whole Foods didn't have the chocolate tortilla chips that the recipe calls for so I bought a couple of ingredients to improvise.  Tomorrow, I will crush regular tortilla chips and vegan chocolate chips to make my crunchy covering.  Of course, I sampled the coconut bliss TONIGHT though.....DELISH!

Onward and Upward....

Food Log
Apple Quinoa cereal
Freshly squeezed OJ/lemon/lime juice
Vegetarian Noodle Bowl (sub rice noodles)
2 Vegan pot stickers
Freshly made Vegan Pumpkim Protein Pancakes
Coconut Bliss (Dark so. creamy.)

Shopping: )



Tomorrow should be excellent.  I have a bunch of food prepped in the fridge + I will be making a new smoothie in the morning!  Stay Tuned!


Beth McVay, CMT
American Massage Therapy Association member

Saturday, October 9, 2010

YU+ME=Clean, DAY 6 "The movie theater."

...I suppose technically I could have had the movie theater popcorn...its not meat, not dairy, its not gluten...but I guess its not exactly clean.  I think there's a ridiculous number of chemicals in those delicious yellow-orange popped kernels, and I really like it with the "butter" and the specific movie theater salt too; however,  I didn't want to put that crap into my body while I'm on a mission to get back to a clean diet.  I didn't exactly go without though, I picked up "Pop Chips" at Whole Foods before heading to the flick and crunched on those as my snack; )

Killer ride today and really good energy overall, especially during my ride!  I hit the trail for about 2 hours and felt strong the whole way. I completely love climbing hills!  Sometimes it takes my legs a little while to remember that they LOVE the burn, but not today.  I was in the zone from the get go!

I can definitely tell that eliminating a bunch of the processed foods that had wormed its way into my diet has bumped my energy level up a good bit.  This is no surprise.  Refined sugar and processed foods just make me feel so blah -  In only a handful of days I truly feel much more alert.  I think that eliminating the meat and dairy is really good too.  Although I don't take in a lot of these foods groups anyway, I think eliminating them all together allows that much more room for plant based foods.  

Alright, on with my report card for the day...

Food List
Decaf coffee w/ coconut creamer and agave
Apple quinoa cereal (breakfast and snack)
Coconut caribbean oat bars
Chopped Spinach, quinoa and veggie salad
Coconut milk latte (Robin R. that was at your suggestion, Mmmmm: )
Popcorn (home popped with coconut oil, at home, after movie) 
Pop Chips 

2 Hour sweet ride

7.85, getting really close to solar status

8, I haven't been restless AT ALL, Sa-weet!!!!!!!

Need to head to bed.  Another mountain bike ride is on the docket for the morning.


Beth McVay, CMT
American Massage Therapy Association member

YU+ME=Clean, DAY 5

Alright, here I am, about 1/3 through my vegan-ism voyage.  I mentioned before that meat/dairy isn't really a big part of my diet, but that doesn't take away from the fact that I am totally psyched to have gone without so much as a little 1/2 & 1/2 for the last 5 days.  I could have easy given into a creamy latte tonight...not because I wanted it so badly, but because it was mistakenly made for me (I asked for a decaf espresso).  The smooth, beautiful latte was set before me but I turned it down, no problem.  I'm on a mission.  
One thing that has been bothering me is that I am super bloated.  This may be TMI, but its what's going on so I feel I need to report it.  This isn't a new thing since going vegan 5 days ago, its an on going problem I have deal with forever.  This bloat/improper digestion issue comes and goes and I have had a hard time tracking the source.  I am starting to wonder if it has to do with too many whole grains in my diet....if you have been reading at all, you know how hard I have been hitting my beloved amaranth.  I think a good idea would be to moderate the grains a little and see what happens (after all, everything in moderation, right?).  I may want to experiment with that on another food journey.
Overall, it was a rad day.  I worked a little, picked up a visiting friend from the bus station, and went out on the town: )
My friend and I went to the Reuben's Bistro, uh hum...a burger joint.  I, of course, did not consume one of their delicious burgers sandwiched with a pretzel bun....I had a nice salad instead.  Oh, and I may have enjoyed some sweet potato fries: )  No burger.  No problem.
The next 2 days should be interesting, as I have company over the weekend.  I always seem to eat out a lot more when friends are in town.  At least I have a few yummy snacks like Kale chips, coconut caribbean oat bars and the amaranth crunch (of which I'm going to cut back on).  Don't worry, I will stay my vegan course.  I kind of hope that some enormous temptation comes along - I love a challenge!
Sayonara for now, I've blown my goal of getting to bed early tonight...oh well... there's always tomorrow: )

Food Log

Decaf coffee with coconut creamer (no agave for the 2nd day in a row: )
2 Vegan Pumpkin Protein Pancakes (cold and delish)
1 apple
Chopped Spinach leaves w/ red and orange bell pepers, quinoa and chopped pecans tossed with toasted sesame oil and coconut milk
2 squares of coconut caribbean oat bars
Popped amaranth cruch
Mixed green salad with almonds and mandarin oranges
sweet potato fries


2 hours massage


7 (Tomorrow, I am laying off the amaranth...I want to see if my stomach gets less bloated and I feel lighter)

7 (I definitely felt ready to get the day started this morning!  Right now, I am definitely ready to go to sleep, but I have the energy to bust this out at 1:20am, so that says something!

Alright, I'm setting a couple intentions for tomorrow:

Lay off the Amaranth 
Get a long bike ride in 
Drink a ton of water
Do 10 vinyasas in the AM pre-anything else!

Cool, goodnight: )  Thanks for reading!

Beth McVay, CMT
American Massage Therapy Association member