Wednesday, October 6, 2010

YU+ME=Clean, DAY 3 (part 2)

What a day!  I was able to make vegan pumpkin protein pancakes (VPPP) this morning and snack on them all day long!  No joke, my food log for today is going to look ridiculous because I pretty much just ate them all day.

I noticed an interesting thing when I was on my 2nd serving this morning of VPPP...I think that the agave did, in fact, mess with my glycemic index.  My portions of agave are usually just enough to sweeten my coffee but today I used it like syrup on my pancakes...Since I am a sweet-aholic, you can infer than I would drench them.  I didn't even put any in the batter with the anticipation of using it as a topping.  I switched to agave when I wanted to lower my blood sugar levels and I think it has worked quite well, but today taught me that...well, too much of a good thing... I just noticed that my head felt all sugar buzzy and the base of my neck felt tense (very much like caffeine makes me feel, which is why I drink decaf).  These are my personal signs that I have too much sugar in my system.
My refrigerator is pretty bare at the moment so I went ahead and had them for a late lunch too!  This time I mixed some agave with Eden applesauce (no added sugar), cinnamon, and nutmeg.  I think that helped.  FYI, I had the applesauce in the fridge from the apple quinoa cereal I made recently  Totally delish!

You will notice that I didn't eat a great deal today overall, this wasn't intentional or for lack of options, I just was on the go and didn't have time to make much today other than the pancakes.  I regret that I didn't get many veggies in, I try to do better than that!  I did nibble on my sweet and salty kale chips that I made last night though.....Well, now look at that, I fit some green leafy veggies in today without even giving it a second thought!

Okay, here's the break down:

Food Log

Vegan pumpkin protein pancakes
Sweet and salty Kale chips
(my chips aren't raw, baking them at 250 for 1 hr will do the trick)
2 apples
Popped amaranth crunch
3 Dolmas
1.5 Nalgene of water

I really wanted to make yoga happen today but I just didn't make it...tomorrow is another day...



If you read my first blog for the YU+ME=Clean you saw that I set some goals for myself:

My food goals for the next 10 days:
1) Be vegan, no exceptions
2) Be dairy free, no exception
3) Severely restrict my added and refined sugar consumption (may allow for 1 emergency sugar use with coffee)
My food preparation goals for the next 10 days:
1) Leave the house packin’ with prepared snacks
2) If going for coffee must take coconut creamer and agave (or JUST SAY NO to my dear java)
3) Make 7-10 new recipes from

My ultimate wellness goals for the challenge:

1) Increase my energy
2) Look and feel brighter
3) Lose the annoying headache

So far I have been pretty successful.  I have been vegan.  There has been NO dairy and NO added sugar.  (However, I think I need to pull in the reins on the agave as well as my carob chips that I put in my popped amaranth crunch; }
I need to be better about packin' snacks.  I haven't been setting myself up for success upon leaving the house.  I was hungry on a couple of occasions today because of poor planning.  
I have made 3 new recipes since I started this, so I am well on my way to achieving that goal: )
My energy has been okay - not fantastic...I think my agave overload today might have set me back a little bit. I will have to be more careful tomorrow.
So, that's a recap of intentions.  So far, I am psyched on the challenge and feel like I am doing a good job.  Truthfully, it hasn't been hard.  I have busted out some new recipes and found a delicious new coconut creamer: )  This is not so different from the way I normally eat, I just needed to re-dedicate myself to the practice of clean eating!  
Tomorrow the name of the game is vegetables and water!  
Thanks again for reading: )  See you again tomorrow!

Beth McVay, CMT
American Massage Therapy Association memeber

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