Sunday, October 10, 2010

YU+ME=Clean, DAY 7

October 10.  Its been drizzly and chilly all day.  The bike ride got axed this morning in favor of breakfast and shopping: )  I mean, that's what you do when a girlfriend is visiting, right!?!

Today was a little bit challenging for me.  First of all, I caved at the coffee shop and used dairy.  I resisted at first, using soy milk, which I knew was going to ruin my delicious cup of coffee, but thought if I pretended that it wouldn't, that IT wouldn't.  So much for that theory.  I then reached for the 1/2 and 1/2 only to pour some thin white watery substance (called skim milk) into my already struggling coffee.  Uggg.  Lesson learned - just forego the damn coffee if I didn't prepare!  

On a side note, I really don't like soy all that much.  I only buy soy milk it at the store (for my cereal) when its on such a good sale that I just can't resist.  Its not bad when paired with cereal.  I like tofu alright, but can never duplicate how I like it when I make it at home.  ALSO, and most importantly, I worry about the raised estrogen levels that soy is associated with which links it to breast cancer... if anyone has any articles they want to share on this matter, please...I believe "everything in moderation" holds true here, as in everything else...

So, later in the day I went to one of my favorite little eateries called Zoe Ma Ma for a noodle bowl.  I knew they had a several gluten free options and thought they had vegan options as well. Wrong.  I enjoyed vegan pot stickers but my rice noodle bowl was lacking in flavor.  I would like to mention that that I have had on their menu has always been DELISH, but everything I have had on their menu has also had meat in it.  I just think they need to work on their vegan/vegetarian options.
I also found challenges at the grocery store...I was craving my beloved chocolate covered ANYTHING from the bulk food section!  I resisted...mostly...I didn't have anything chocolate covered because I didn't want the dairy but I did "sample" a couple maple covered mixed nuts.  Oh man, those things are divine.  Of course, that's no need to feel bad but it is noteworthy that I can feel the blood sugar spike in my blood after keeping it  lower in the last week.  

The Grocery wasn't all challenges though.  I snagged some dark chocolate Coconut Bliss to make Dairy-Free Mexican Un-fried Ice cream! Yum!  Whole Foods didn't have the chocolate tortilla chips that the recipe calls for so I bought a couple of ingredients to improvise.  Tomorrow, I will crush regular tortilla chips and vegan chocolate chips to make my crunchy covering.  Of course, I sampled the coconut bliss TONIGHT though.....DELISH!

Onward and Upward....

Food Log
Apple Quinoa cereal
Freshly squeezed OJ/lemon/lime juice
Vegetarian Noodle Bowl (sub rice noodles)
2 Vegan pot stickers
Freshly made Vegan Pumpkim Protein Pancakes
Coconut Bliss (Dark so. creamy.)

Shopping: )



Tomorrow should be excellent.  I have a bunch of food prepped in the fridge + I will be making a new smoothie in the morning!  Stay Tuned!


Beth McVay, CMT
American Massage Therapy Association member

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