Tuesday, October 12, 2010

YU+ME=Clean, DAY 8-9, turn around Bright eyes: )

If you read the first blog for YU+ME=Clean you read that I made some very clear goals:

My ultimate goals for the effects of my challenge

1) Increase my energy
2) Look and feel brighter
3) Lose the annoying headache

I have definitely felt like I have been achieving each and every one of these with each and every passing day.  Now, yesterday I got a little low glycemic index icing on the proverbial vegan cake; - }  I was out to lunch with "the new guy" and he commented on how bright my eyes looked.  Well, now - How d'ya like that!?  Not only do I feel brighter but I look brighter.  Made my flippin' day!

I really think that a lot of my success so far has been reducing my sugar intake. I have no doubt that the non-dairy/meat factor is helping too, but I think the sugar thing is what weights me down the most.  Plus, I think the reduction in sugar affects the system the fastest - meaning I was able to feel the effects within a couple days.  After the "official" challenge is over I am going to keep up with the whole vegan thing for a while because I think 10 days provides a glimpse of change, but I believe a longer commitment will be necessary for real change (duh.).    Oh, oh.... there is another revelation that I would like to share.  I am going to quit coffee for a time period.  I don't fully understand the effects of effects of consuming acidic foods but the overall notion is that disease breeds  in acidic environments.  I know coffee is highly acidic and I consume it daily (albeit decaf).  I'm going to try the Macafe http://www.amazon.com/s?ie=UTF8&x=0&ref_=nb_sb_noss&y=0&field-keywords=MaCafe&url=search-alias%3Daps that Yumuniverse's founder Heather Crosby suggested.  Yumuniverse.com/

Alright, curious what I ate yesterday? Today?

Food Log DAY 8
1 Banana
Vegan Protein Pumpkin Pancakes/VPPP (i'm in love, what can I say)
Apple Quinoa Cereal
Aloo Gobi http://www.sherpaascent.com/menu.htm
 *I ate the VPPPs all day long as a snack*
Raw veggies/ Bell peppers & cucumbers

Activity DAY 8
Nice ride up Lee Hill with a lap on the Dakota ridge trail 

Energy DAY 8
8, energy level has been sweet : )

Sleep DAY 8
8-, I woke up once the night before for about 10 minutes, but I went to sleep easily and woke up rested: )

Food LOG DAY 9
Smoothie inspired by http://www.yumuniverse.com/2010/07/11/maya’s-chocolate-covered-cherry-superfood-smoothie/ 
Vegan salted chocolate bark http://www.yumuniverse.com/2010/08/07/chocolate-salted-almond-bark/

*the day is not over, but I wanted to go ahead and report for the day!

I'm still hoping to get a ride in...



Can you tell how much I like the YU website?  Check it out!

Beth McVay, CMT
American Massage Therapy Association member

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