Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Update post YU+ME=Clean

Hi there,

I thought a follow up entry up was in order!  I have continued to stay on [my] track, eating clean since my 10 day challenge! Now, "staying on track" for everyone.  I don't have the exact same needs as you and vice versa.  I have found that once I start listening to my body,  I can give it what it asks for...sometimes that's a ton of hydrating veggies and fruits, sometimes it tells me to stop eating because I'm full, sometimes its a steak, sometimes it puts the smack down when I eat too much sugar, etc...  I know some jaws just dropped at the meat mention, but its true, for me...sometimes.  We are all different and process food in different ways.

After the challenge, I spent a long weekend,  in my home state of West Virginia.  The leaves were just starting to turn, the rolling hills were crisp with early autumn air, and the Potomac river sang her low water song....It is such a magical place.  I visited with old friends, with whom I shared conversation and food...Ahhh, there is nothing like sharing food with loved ones...
One of my dear friends gifted me with a juicer!  Can you believe that?  I hadn't even gotten around to "putting it out the universe" that I really wanted one...and BOOM, a juicer, I was given.  Wow, nifty.

I had quite a few of my friends in Boulder following my food journey.  A couple of folks are now asking me to support them as they try to change some old habits.  THIS is what it is all about!  I have felt  a wonderful sense of support and I fully appreciate it.  There were also various comments left on in regards to recipes that I followed. Thank you Thank you!  I feel a real sense of community when I communicate with other people that not only care about the food they consume, but also have love for creating these foods!  As dorky as it sounds, I think there is a lot of love that goes into these nourishing foods that we prepare, to bring us health and wellness.

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Thank you YU for all the yummy recipes that got my creative juices flowing!

Thank you for reading!!

Beth McVay, CMT
American Massage Therapy Association member

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