Thursday, October 7, 2010

YU+ME=Clean Day 4

It was another peachy day in the land of vegan-ism: ) If I had not been doing this challenge, I certainly would have had coffee with 1/2 and 1/2 today.  I had a meeting in Denver this evening that the other part was running horribly late usual go to time killer is to hit up a coffee shop, but I wasn't packin' any "legal" fixins like coconut creamer or agave so I just had to wait patiently sans java.  Now, you might be wondering why I didn't sub some delightful tea...Well, the truth is I have a serious aversion to tea.  I have never liked it and have pretty much resigned myself to be at odds with tea.  It's like water that's trying to be something that is simply is not.  Anyhoo...

I got a great ride in today powered by coconut caribbean oat bars and left over pumpkin protein pancakes!

I'm going to launch right into the stats for the day - I am bound and determined to get to bed early!  I think with the days growing shorter its time to re-set my internal clock!

Food Log

Pumpkin protein pancakes (cold, yummy.  I love left overs: )
1 apple
Huge veggie salad with beets, & bell peepers, & baked tofu, & spinch, & & &, etc...
Caribbean Coconut Oat bars
More Pumpkin protein pancakes
Sweet and salty kale chips
Smaller veggie salad with all the fixins above...
Decaf coffee w/ coconut creamer (no agave today!)


Sweet A$$ bike ride!  Out my front door and on the trail in 5 minutes!




7, Apparently,  I was sleeping so well I didn't hear my alarm for yoga.  Grrr.  I did, however, get up and do some yoga at home: )

Night ya'll.  This vegan gal is hitting the hay: )

Beth McVay, CMT
American Massage Therapy Association member


  1. sounds like a nice day Beth!.. cool blog.. ill check you more often!... in Chiang Mai.. back on tuesday....